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Crystallized glass panel Production process

? the silica sand, feldspar, calcium carbonate, harmonic mixing special materials.
? molten material in the melting furnace (about 1600 ? or so).
? molten glass paste with water to form 1-7mm quenched glass particle size.
? particles into the glass and then kiln dried
? flat on the fire resistance of glass particles on the template, into the roller kiln firing, the glass heated to 850 ?, the beginning of grain began to melt, 950 ? began to melt the glass particles and precipitation of needle-like crystals, 1100 ? crystallization completed.
? The initial crystallization plate to complete cooling
? jade spar at the back of paste FRP (glass fiber mesh) to prevent the completion of construction of the wall plate subjected to physical shock will break falling
? jade spar to be several times appeared on the surface grinding
? luster and texture of crystal clear cut into 900 mm X 900 mm, 900 mm X 1200 mm plate size, upright storage
 ? board account in steel shelves and cover with plastic corner protection and plastic sheets covering the designed camber size
 ? need to bend from the heating

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