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Why choose artificial marble – crystallized glass ?

Why choose artificial marble – crystallized glass ?

Many people don’t like artificial marble , they tend to think the natural is better than the artificial . While you are thinking that way , you are losing all the niceties of owning artificial marble . There is a reason for artificial marble to be invented , that is to perfect marble.

Crystallized glass , also called marmoglass , appeared as the most marble like artificial stone , It has gained its popularity with several advantages . 

1, No crack line on the surface . 

The crack lines can not be avoid for the most times if you choose natural marble . However , Crystallized glass is a crack free stone . Crack is not something you should worry about when you choose artificial stone . One can break a natural marble table into two half due to the crack . No natural marble will stay long without back net and strong glue . Not every kind of glue is human-friendly , so there are more to worry about .   

2, Featured with homogeneity 

When it comes to artificial marble , It means you can expect every piece to look the same . Made by twice melt &crystallization , Crystallized glass is well grained and the pattern well speckled . 

3, High hardness 

Heavy scratch is not seen on a Crystallized counter top used for years . You can test the scratch resistance by scratching a iron peg on the surface , nothing will be left . 

4, 0.01 water absorption 

There is nearly no water absorption for Crystallized glass , coming from a SGS test . It will not absorb the liquid that easily like natural marble . Stains can be easily wiped out by using a wet rag with dish washing liquid . 

5, Acid and Alkali resistance 

No sign of etching appears on a Crystallized glass dinning- table used for years . A SGS test of Crystallized glass also proved its resistance to acid and alkali . 


6, Little radiation 

 There is little radiation for Crystallized glass compared with natural marble , which makes it better for pregnant women and kids . The SGS test of Crystallized glass support this point . 

All those advantages make Crystallized glass a wonderful alternative for natural marble . You will save a lot not only when you purchase , but also when you maintain in the long term .  

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